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Our company

Fruit-Trade LLC – is an upswing company. The main target of our organization is association of fruit growers from the South of Russia.

Our strategy pointed towards foundation of the single logistic center of regional significance, competent to represent interests of horticulturists and act as a guarantor of their price interests

So far, our company is a fruit storage that includes modern calibration facilities, a pack house and fruit processing room. Our company is equipped with German and Italian high-technology machinery. Processing capacity is 5000 ton of instantaneous fruit storage. Our fruits are grown in own, modern, intensive type gardens. Another part of our business is production of directly expressed and free from conservants fruit juice and apple crisps manufacturing. We run our whole business under MIARISA brand name.

Facts and figures

Over 200 hectare of modern, intensive type and hail protected gardens.

5 000 tons of instantaneous fruit storage

Production capacity of modern and fully automatic calibration line equals 132 000 kg per 24 hours.

Over 14 varieties of apples are cultivated in our gardens.

Why do you choose our company?

Complete cycle
We are the only company in our region that performs complete cycle procedures including fruit storage regulated by controlled atmosphere, calibration line and fruit processing room.

Favorable prices
We minimize our costs using German and Italian leading-edge technologies in production process. That’s why we offering the best prices in our region.

Environmental friendliness
Unique climate of Elbrus Mountain piedmonts in addition with advanced European technologies of intensive horticultural activities are the perfect way to minimize chemicals use.

Wide range of choice
We cultivate more than 14 varieties of apples in our gardens.

High quality
Our company equipped with modern calibration line that allows us to sort and collect the highest quality apples.

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