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Marketable condition

We pay special attention to marketable condition of our apples. We use modern calibration facilities, which perform multilevel calibration and thorough examination for any damages, defects and diseases. That’s why our apples always conform quality standards.

Naturalness and environmental friendliness

We grow our apples at the foothill of Elbrus Mountains in unique environmental conditions. Therefore they contain specific combination of vitamins and minerals.


Fresh mountain air, thermal differential and rich soil give them inimitable taste. Also, in growing process we use combination of tradition-bound farming and advanced European technologies of intensive horticultural activities to improve ecological standards and minimize use of chemicals.

Delicate taste

Long experience of our specialists helped to develop progressive and challenging fruit growing model. Due to wide irrigation range, well developed system of protection from aggressive environment and innovative growth methods, our fruit grow naturally and receive optimal combination of nutrient materials. That’s why we offer our customers apples with such a delicate and unique taste.

Packaging process

Our apples look very presentable on any grocery shelf as we pack them nicely in uniquely designed modern corrugated tray and paste our brand logo on each apple.

Storage techniques

We built our storehouse based on German technologies and equipped it with regulated gaseous atmosphere. That allows us to increase storage period of apples up to 12 months with no loss in quality of goods. Processing capacity is 5000 ton of instantaneous fruit storage.